All talks listed here are in the Main Amphitheater.

Chris Matthieu

State of IoT

9:00 am

Frank Hunleth

An Elixir for IoT

9:30 am

Stacey Devino

Cloud Control your DIY Appliances with Firebase!

10:00 am

Jeremy Wilken

Embedding Google Assistant on your Devices

10:30 am

Mike Wolfson

(A)n (I)diots Guide to AI

11:00 am

Amal Hussein

Hello Browsers! Welcome to the Real World.

1:00 pm

Roy van de Water

IPFS and the Distributed Web

1:30 pm

Demetrius Comes

Using the DarkNet Badge as IoT Device

2:00 pm

matt ulepic

Matt Ulepic

IoT In The Factory

2:30 pm

Suz Hinton

Building more effective bug reporting for open source hardware libraries

3:00 pm

Sandeep Mistry

Talking to your car with CAN bus

3:30 pm